Always on time

Always leaving Nelson right on time at 6:30 AM, because we don’t have to wait for a delayed bus coming from the east.

Noon arrival in Kelowna

Arriving at noon in Kelowna gives our passengers lots of flexibility for an early afternoon appointment at doctors, hospitals, etc.

Safe fast travel

Most of all, you will have a safe trip with very friendly professional driver’s.

Senior friendly

Long distance appointments and need a friend? Email: info and we’ll help you book. Or use the booking guide!

Book in advance

No more worrying about if the bus is full, book in advance to reserve your spot.

No breakdowns!

Our buses are always replaced with new ones after 1 year, minimizing roadside breakdowns.

Environment friendly

Having sprinter buses instead of the big gas-guzzler motor coach buses we are helping doing our small part.

Cheaper + greener than air

Cut carbon emissions by 55-77% if you travel by bus (plus, it’s way better for the wallet).

Greener than driving!

With almost 100% fewer carbon emissions traveling small shuttle really is the way greener way.

Overweight baggage

Overweight baggage over (50lbs) only 20$ per bag.

Code of conduct

ZERO tolerance for alcohol, drugs and aggressive behavior.

No stinky

Passengers are not to smoke marijuana at least one hour before departure. Passengers are prohibited from smoking dried cannabis during stops.

How do you prefer to travel?