Failing to follow our rules may result in being asked to leave the bus following a permanent ban from using our service, we drive a safe family friendly bus everyone can enjoy. Listen to the driver at all times and respect your fellow passengers.

Passengers are no longer required to print tickets/receipts and display to driver, simply display your photo ID and we will confirm your name with our manifest.

Minors between 8 – 16 years of age (when not accompanied by a legal guardian) must have pickup arrangements made in advance, legal guardian must pickup with ID ages between 8-15

No smoking any nicotine or non nicotine devices including cigarettes cigars vaporizers and smoke/vapor creating methods within 15 meters of the bus, you will be given 2 warnings and if the smoking continues within distance of the bus and other passengers you will be asked to leave the bus at the next stop.

Passengers that are harassing other passengers or the driver will be asked to leave the bus at the next appropriate stop with no refund.

Our shuttle bus doesn’t have the option.

Silver city stagelines has a strict no refund policy, we offer trip rescheduling for more information please contact support or book an “Advanced Ticket” We must be notified a minimum of 24 hours prior to both the original date and new travel date.

Passengers are not to smoke marijuana at least one hour before departure. Passengers are prohibited from smoking dried cannabis during stops.

If a passenger boards the coach and has the odor of marijuana, the passenger must leave the coach as we still have a zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs

If the passenger requires to have a medical dosage during their travel, they first inform the driver and must do so in a pill, oil or other consumable form. They may not smoke. In this case, they may bring it on board.

Silver City Stagelines has a strict no animals on board the bus policy that means with or without a carrier no meows, no barks, furs, no scratchy eyes, no itchy nose.

Silver City Stagelines is not responsible for any lost or stolen or damaged items.